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Landscape - Analog 8.jpg
An artistic, shadowed hallway with arched doorways, demonstrating La Sal's eye for architectural photography and interplay of light and dark.
A monochrome image of a joyous couple laughing together, a candid moment of love and happiness captured by La Sal's wedding photography expertise.
A dramatic black and white cloudscape, illustrating the dynamic range and emotional depth of La Sal's landscape photography.

This is us

We pour our hearts into capturing those moments you'd never want to slip away. Journeying across the world brings us joy, but there's a special place in our work for the beautiful landscapes and vibrant cultures of Spain and Germany, our beloved homes. We believe life's too fleeting for dull memories, so we go the extra mile, weaving aesthetics and ambiance into every frame, crafting memories that aren't just seen, but felt.


Borja & Claire

high_res (14)_edited.jpg
"Right from the first photos, I was moved to tears! They are incredibly beautiful and perfectly capture our experience. We couldn't be happier; it's like something out of a magazine! Truly stunning. Thank you so much!" - J.
The Bazaar magazine logo in elegant serif font, reflecting the high-end commercial partnerships of La Sal's photography services.
The Hola Novias logo in a classic typeface, representing La Sal's collaboration with bridal publications for editorial photography.
The Telva magazine logo in a bold serif font, showcasing La Sal's editorial photography featured in prominent lifestyle magazines.
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